Scandinavian Nordic walking
Nordic walking with sticks: minimum effort – maximum benefit About Nordic walking with sticks in the countries of the former USSR learned not so long ago, but have already fallen in love. This kind of…

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Constant headache and vomiting from the physical exertion and stress
са Childhood headaches and vomiting, drinking a lot of pills - what to do? Magda : Hello. I'm 23 years old, a child he complained of headaches and pain can be no reason, no reason…

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Tips before the first hike in the fitness club
  Tips before the first hike in the fitness club To feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of the first session in the gym – normally. Our tips will help you overcome fear, to protect…

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Personal effectiveness on the example of the preparation for a competition powerlifting

What is common between powerlifting and foreign language?

Hi, friends!

Recently I discovered the most important rule to achieve any goals and increase personal effectiveness. Which is also the simplest:

For the most rapid and effective achievement of the goal, it is necessary to

do only the basics and nothing but them.

Let me explain on the example of preparation for a powerlifting competition (or, as it is also called ” power triathlon). I learned about it from his coach, firsthand acquaintance with the subject.

So, basic exercises in powerlifting three:

the bench press,

squat with a barbell on the shoulders and


Now, the essence of the preparation for a competition is to ensure Continue reading

Relaxing yoga for weight loss – beneficial properties


Relaxing yoga for weight loss — beneficial properties, reviews

Yoga is good because it not only helps to lose weight, but also normalizes the functioning of our bodies, working not only on the beauty of the body and its health.

After cold winter days, a string of holidays, feast everyone is trying to get in shape. To do this, choose various methods – fasting or extreme dieting. fasting days , the fitness exercises. diet . Some are looking for a way to harmonize the physical and spiritual condition.

beneficial effects of yoga

This method is yoga for weight loss. You should know that yoga not only helps to lose or gain weight. These classes normalize the function of internal organs and their systems, enhance brain activity, as well as positively affect the Central nervous system. All this and gives a person a sense of harmony of body and soul. Scientific studies have proven that yoga stimulates the production of endorphins in the human body – the so-called happiness hormone. Therefore, yoga helps to improve Continue reading

Healthy sleep and beauty.

Sleepy cantata

Healthy sleep and beauty

In this article, dear friends, let’s talk about the impact of sleep on beauty. How untrue statements that we have heard, “Sleep is, Sleep is the best nutritionist”.

People in all times have sought to preserve youthfulness and

attractiveness for years to come. Rejuvenating apples to this day does not exist, but we have a wonderful reserve . Healthy sleep and beauty go through life hand in hand, they are interdependent.

In the human body during sleep no cell is not asleep, but continues to function, preparing us to wakefulness. Normal sleep allows the body to restore the immune system, the psyche, to maintain the proper level of hormone balance health and beauty: melatonin, growth, sex, leptin and ghrelin, thyroid and others.

Thanks to this we get the opportunity to work intensively and to relax, to think clearly and to dream, something in life to get involved.

Melatonin. With the onset of darkness increases the production of melatonin Continue reading

Lessons on the simulator – the most efficient programs from the UK ARENA

Independent gym

8 visits a month in the MORNING – CHEAPER! *learn more

Consider the features of training

Developed a large number of effective exercises for trainers, and each one has a place of honor for the cardio. Classes on the following machines — Ellipticals, fibroblastoma, bicycles — even included in the power program. Why are they so popular? It’s all in the effect, which gives each cardio workout, the trainer is an integral part of it.

There is a complete recovery and strengthening of the body after exercise equipment. In that case, if training at the gym constantly, and that is what we recommend. And that’s why you should regularly to work for them.

The benefits of training

Strengthening the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation, normalization of metabolic Continue reading

Elliptical trainer for slimming

Elliptical trainer for weight loss: useful orbitrek

To make your body a worthy object of admiration of others elect – those who are willing to work on it. How it helps in achieving the objective elliptical trainer for weight loss?

Features of the elliptical

Combines elements of treadmill, stepper, stationary bike.

The ankle and knee joints do not feel pressure during exercise.

Provides aerobic exercise trains the respiratory, cardiovascular system, working the muscles of the lower group and the shoulder girdle.

Design provides ease of use – simulate cross-country skiing is simple and straightforward.

Provides a gradual warming effect.

An elliptical trainer has several Continue reading

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